Real-Time Bidding - created and produced by Adrian Cox and Joanna Sycz

About Real-Time Bidding by Red Trombone Theatre 

Occupying a house and a life that have seen better days, the lonely widow Eleanor has only her memories, the dubious company of butler James, and her mysterious companion Eva. Isolated and desperate, Eleanor will try whatever means necessary, technological or otherwise, to make contact with the outside world.

"We’re proud to present Red Trombone’s project" - says three-time Best of the Bay award-winning actress, 2013 Asheville Fringe Festival Winner and Red Trombone co-founder Joanna Sycz. Joanna performs the lead role of Eleanor in Real-Time Bidding, “It’s a drama and kind of a cabaret act. It’s dark and absurd and it’s a lot of fun to perform.”


Teaser- first couple minutes of the show